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Class Facilities: 1604 Aquatic Complex or George Block Aquatic Center
Classes are offered Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday
Class times vary by facility, please click on the flyers
Session Cost is determined by the number of classes in session, $15 per class ($45 - $120 per session)

June, Summer 1, Queue for Registration will open on
May 15th at Noon.

For more information about our Lesson Program, click the age button below:

For information about our Lesson Classes, click the month buttons below:
Please note the day and time that Queue Opens for each individual month.


August 2024 Queue Opens: Wednesday, July 17 at NOON September Queue Opens: Wednesday, August  October Queue Opens: Wednesday, September  November Queue Opens: Wednesday, October  December Queue Opens: Wednesday, November 
August Swim Lesson, Learn to swim September Swim Lessons, Learn to Swim October Swim Lessons, Learn to Swim November Swim Lessons, Learn to Swim December Swim Lessons, Learn to Swim
January Queue Opens: Wednesday, December February Queue Opens: Wednesday, January  March Queue Opens: Wednesday, February 
April Queue Opens: Wednesday, March 6 at NOON May Queue Opens: Wednesday, April 17 at NOON  


June, Summer 1, Queue Opens: Wednesday,
May 15 at Noon
July, Summer 2, Queue Opens: Wednesday,
June 12 at Noon
July, Summer 3, Queue Opens: Wednesday,
June 26 at Noon
July/August Daytime,
Summer 4,
Queue Opens: Wednesday,
July 17 at Noon

Queue for Registration Opens May 15th at Noon
All Registrations will utilize our QUEUE System.

Select your class and click Join QUEUE.
All QUEUE registrations will be processed on Thursday, 5/16  in the order they were received.
By joining the QUEUE you agree to allow us to process/charge for the registered class on Thursday, 5/16; if you secure a class spot. 

On Thursday, 5/16 you will receive 1 of 2 notes:
Note 1: You Secured a lesson spot with Class Information.
Note 2: You are not registered and are on the Waitlist.
If you do not have an email on Friday, 5/17 please call our front desk. 

Please use the button below for Swim Lesson Queue/Registration:




For more information about our Aquajets Program, click the image button below: